5 Reasons to Keep Your Viking Gas Burner Clean All the Time

March 11, 2022

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Have you cleaned your gas burners recently? If you are always busy, you most likely forgot to clean your burners since you got them. Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. But did you know there can be dangerous consequences if your gas burners are not thoroughly cleaned once in a while?

Today, most of us lead busy lives. We work all day and come home tired, so we invest in quality appliances thinking they’ll last long without the need for maintenance and checkups. We are unaware of our appliances’ damages because we often neglect them. So, we listed 5 reasons you should clean your gas burners below:

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  • Problems may occur because of a dirty gas burner

It’s one thing to have small amounts of dirt or food remnants on your burner because you can easily remove them. But, if your burners are clogged, there could be more serious problems like uneven heating that could cause your food to be uncooked and burners that won’t ignite properly. So, whenever possible, clean your burners.

  • Clogged burners cause uneven heating

While cooking, you can’t prevent food particles from spilling out of your pots and pans. They stick to your burner, and if not cleaned right away, they could get stuck and clog your burner. It’s dangerous to use a gas stove with clogged burners, for the gas could leak and, worse, explode. So, don’t wait for that to happen and immediately clean your burners.

  • Your burner might not light up anymore

Have you experienced your burner not lighting anymore? It might be one of two things: your burner has blockages that won’t allow the fire to start, or there is a problem with the connector of your burner and gas tank. These problems should be addressed quickly to prevent more damage. You can have them checked out when you avail of our professional Viking appliance repair in Burbank at any time. This way, we will solve your problem in no time.

  • Your igniter wouldn’t spark

Igniters on gas burners are responsible for creating the spark needed to produce fire. If your igniter doesn’t spark, your burner will not function properly. There might be food particles stuck to your igniter, blocking the spark. So, it’s better to check for dirt and debris on your burners. If not checked, igniters could get broken and will need replacement.

  • It will cost more to replace your burner than clean it regularly

You can adapt to the habit of cleaning easily, and it does not cost a dime. With regular cleaning, you won’t have trouble using your burner. If you neglect your burner, chances are you’ll need to replace them, and it will cost you a lot more. We get that you’re busy, so whenever your gas burner has problems, you can get expert Viking stove repair services. 

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When should you clean your gas burners?

Cleaning your gas burners as often as you can will help maintain the functionality of your unit. But not everyone has the luxury of spending a few hours cleaning every day, right? So, you can follow these tips on when and how you can clean your gas burners to prevent malfunctions:

  • Wipe down burners after every use.

Wiping down burners won’t necessarily deep clean them, but you can pick up any food particles and liquids that can cause blockages. 

  • Check for blockages once in a while.

Although you thoroughly wipe dirt and grime, there might still be unnoticed particles that could seep in the burner holes and cause blockage. You can take out blockages using a toothpick to ensure all holes are free of dirt.

  • Deep clean once or twice a month

If you have free time, you can deep clean your burners to ensure their quality stays the same. This way, you can avoid problems and won’t need to replace them for years to come. Remember to use food-safe cleaning products to avoid getting the products into your food.

If problems occur and you need to have your Viking gas burners repaired, you can rely on professional Viking appliance repair in Burbank to get your burners up and running again in no time. Always be mindful of your burners, for they can cause fire and affect not only you but also your homes and other families around you. Take time and be cautious whenever you clean and use your Viking gas burners for best results.

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