Overspilling In Viking Built-In Refrigerator Water Tray

June 11, 2022

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Viking is known for producing high-end kitchen appliances, such as the refrigerator. They make quality and durable products with innovative features which will allow you to properly and conveniently use the appliance. As a homeowner, you should also be aware of the Viking Warranty that can help, especially if you experience problems with the appliance.Viking Appliance Repair Pro

If you experience an issue with your Built-in refrigerator, you can always call the experts for a Built-in refrigerator appliance repair. A team of expertly trained repair technicians where your appliance warranty is also protected and ensure to provide you the best quality repairs for your appliance.

Viking Appliance Repair Pro in Arcadia has been providing repair services to many homes in Arcadia for years. A team of professionally trained, licensed, and certified repair technicians can work on any potential issues your Viking appliance might encounter. They are guaranteed to provide you with the best and quality repair service for your Viking appliance.

Throughout the lifespan of your Viking refrigerator, you may encounter some issues due to some problems with its parts, such as when you notice that your kitchen floor has a puddle of water beside the refrigerator. There are different factors why your Viking built-in fridge has this, and one of the possible causes is an overflow of its water tray. When the water tray overflows, it is caused by different issues such as:

Defrost – In most cases, the water in the drip pan or water tray is from its defrost function. It melts away the excess frost. If there’s a large amount of frost in your freezer and the defrost suddenly starts to work, this can lead to more water in the tray. 

Door Gasket – Another potential cause of a full drip pan is that the good gasket is already faulty. This causes condensation on the fridge’s interior as warm air meets the cold air. Usually, if there is a small amount when you open the built-in refrigerator, a constant stream of warm air from the faulty door seal can produce a lot of moisture that slides down the drain tube and then the drip pan.

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Ice Chute – You will also want to check the ice chute. Check if it is not stuck, even just a small amount. The inflow of warm air will cause melt inside your freezer. This will drain out and normally produce more water than your water tray can handle.

If you experience water overflowing in your fridge water tray, this can cause other problems with the appliance. It is important to clean the water tray to prevent mold growth. Remove the tray from the back of your fridge and drain the remaining water. Then hand-wash the tray with soapy water in your kitchen sink. Ensure to dry the tray before replacing it. Aside from the water tray, include cleaning the other parts, such as the coils. Clean this by using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and dust.

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