Reasons Why Viking Stove Won’t Turn On and How To Fix

April 6, 2022

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Viking appliances are one of the best and most reliable kitchen appliances that have been made for residential kitchens. Made to be durable, reliable, and innovative features that make cooking convenient and time-saving. You can do many things with the appliance, such as Steam food without a steamer.

Throughout the lifespan of your Viking stove, you may encounter some issues which may need occasional repair when you need a Stove repair in Half Moon Bay. The professional repair technicians of a Viking Appliance Repair Pro in Half Moon bay will be able to diagnose the problem, identify the main cause, and do the necessary repairs. We guarantee to have your stove working in no time.

We depend on the stove almost every day to cook the food, and the appliance must be working properly every time you need it. It can be frustrating when it doesn’t. With this, know the different possible reasons that can help prevent this from happening in the future.

Stove Is Not Plugged InViking Appliance Repair Pro

There are times that we could overlook this issue, assuming that everyone will think that this is possible. However, we would be overlooking one of the most common causes why the stove won’t turn on. If the stove is not plugged in, it won’t generate any heat. If you are using an electric stove, it needs a steady source of electricity to generate the power needed. Even if you are using the gas stove, you will need to make sure it is plugged in. Even a gas stove needs a steady source of electricity to work properly.

Gas Burner Is Not Turning On

It can be frustrating whenever the gas burner is not igniting. It is important to check further to identify what is happening. When you turn on the gas burner to light, you should be able to hear a clicking noise. If you hear this, you should be able to smell the gas blowing into the stove. If there is no gas going to the stove, you need to check the gas line to see if it is kinked or clogged. Unless you have an experience with the gas specifically, you can let the professionals handle the work as a safety precaution. If you smell the gas but the stove is not lighting, there could be a problem with the ignition switch. You should turn off the stove first and unplug it. Then, take off the burner cap and its grate. If there is any food debris on the stove, ensure to clean it well. Also, check if there are any loose wires, as you may need to replace them.

Electric Burner Will Not Heat

If you use an electric stove, you may encounter a problem with one of the electric burners, not heating. This is an indication that there is no power flowing to the burner. First, make sure to check the stove if it is plugged in.

One of the Gas Burners is Not Functioning

If you notice that only one of the gas burners is not turning on, this is a sign that there is something wrong with the specific burner. Check first if you need to remove the power from the burner. You don’t burn or shock yourself when working on your range. Also, check the burner cap and make sure it does not come dislodged.

Viking Appliance Repair

Common Stove Problems and How To Fix Them

Even a high-end appliance like Viking may also encounter some problems which can affect its performance. Here are some of the common stove issues and how you can fix them.

Electric Stove Won’t Get Hot – You may occasionally encounter this on your stove, and the first thing to do is to turn off the burner before checking anything as a safety precaution. Try the other burners on the stove by swapping them out with one of the functional ones.

Gas Stove Burner Won’t Light – When your gas stovetop burner isn’t lighting, it is time to check the gas connection and listen to the ignition.

Unable to Adjust the Heat – There are times that the electric stove has the problem where it won’t completely turn on or off with no in-between settings. This usually means that there is an issue with the infinite switch when this happens. To fix the problem, the infinite switch needs to be replaced.

If you experience problems with your stove, don’t hesitate to ask for the assistance of Viking Appliance Repair Pro.

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