Signs a Viking Wine Cellar Temperature Setting is Not Working

April 1, 2022

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One of the worst things that could happen is having a broken wine cellar. We know that wine is expensive, and you cannot afford to have a malfunctioning wine cellar. When this happens, and you don’t know how to deal with it, ensure to get expert repair services from Viking Appliance Repair Pro in San Mateo. This way, you are confident that your wine cellar will function properly once again.

We get it if you want to learn the ropes when it comes to repairing your wine cellar because, to be honest, it’s better to know what to do than while waiting for the technician to arrive. At least you can do preventive actions before your help arrives, right? So, while waiting for your wine cellar to get Viking Wine Cellar repair from Viking Appliance Repair Pro in San Mateo, here is what you can do:

If your wine cellar is not working properly, you might have a problem with your temperature setting. You can identify the problem with these signs:

  • Your wine cellar is not cool enoughViking Appliance Repair Pro

For a wine to be preserved, a certain temperature needs to be reached. If your wine cooler is not reaching your set temperature, there is a problem with your temperature setting. Always check if the wirings are in their right position, if no signals are insinuating a problem, and if you set the temperature correctly. If you don’t find any problem, it’s time to ask for professional help.

  • Your wine cellar is cooling way too much

If your wine cellar is overcooling, wine bottles might explode, leaving a huge mess and a dangerous situation. Ensure that you set the temperature correctly, but if you did and your wine cellar starts freezing, then your temperature setting has a problem. Seek help from expert technicians right away.

  • The temperature is fluctuating

A faulty or unsteady temperature in your wine cellar can greatly affect the quality of your wine. Wine needs to be aged the right way using the right temperature. So, have a professional look into the problem and identify the cause of a fluctuating temperature. Usually, this problem shows that your temperature setting is not working properly.

What are the Features of a Wine Cellar?

Wine cellars are the perfect addition to a kitchen, especially if you love wine and love entertaining guests at home while serving them delicious food paired with amazing wine. So, if you are curious about wine cellar features, we listed them down for you.

  • Great ventilation

A wine cellar needs to have great ventilation to let air circulate throughout. Cool air preserves your wine better, allowing them to age beautifully to have a distinct taste. If your wine cellar has blocked ventilation, your wine could get affected. So choose a wine cellar that has a well-placed ventilation system.

  • UV protector

The modern wine cellar has a glass door. Most brands add a protective coating layer that blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass and affecting the wine inside. Ensure that your wine cellar has this feature, especially if you place it somewhere where there is light. Even when sunlight passes through the glass door, your wine collection won’t suffer consequences. 

  • Plenty of storage

If you are a wine connoisseur, you have a hefty collection at home. Therefore, you need the right wine cellar that could fit all of your collection. So, choose a wine cellar that can hold your bottles. Most brands have wine cellars that can hold up to 150 bottles with no problem. But, if you want smaller and more manageable wine storage, you can opt for a wine cooler instead. 

  • Temperature contro

A great wine cellar has a flawless temperature control setting. So, choose a wine cellar, like Viking, that allows you to set your desired temperature to help with the wine aging process.

Viking Appliance Repair

Is Viking a Good Brand for a Wine Cellar?

Viking has an array of wine cellars that you could choose from, depending on how much you have and your space. Since Viking is known to create innovative appliances with unrivaled functionality and lifespan, you are guaranteed to have only the best wine cellar when you buy from them. Viking provides some of the best and most sought-after wine cellars, so it’s a perfect choice to meet your expectations.

Suppose you are worried about malfunctions that could occur in the future. In that case, you can rely on reputable appliance repair companies like Viking Appliance Repair Pro to help you tackle any damage or malfunction.

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