Six (6) Steps to Effectively Clean Your Ice Maker

March 17, 2022

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Viking had a humble beginning in Greenwood, Mississippi, where family, home, and excellence is the heart and soul of the community. These values are what Viking appliances are known for, and they’ve been delivering excellence to families and homes for more than 40 years.

Today, Viking is one of the most popular appliances manufacturers worldwide, and they are not stopping from making quality products to help families make each day and chore more bearable. One of Viking’s best-selling products is its ice maker.

If you have an ice maker at home and wonder how to clean it, we gathered 6 easy steps to effectively clean your ice maker. This way, you can avoid malfunctions that will lead to you getting a Viking Ice Maker repair.

1. Unplug your ice maker.

Never work with a plugged appliance, for you can get electrocuted if not careful. You will also be working with water, so unplugging your ice maker ensures there won’t be any damage to the electrical wirings.

2. Empty the ice bin.

Remove the ice bin and empty its contents. There might be a bit of condensation and melted ice, so ensure to catch the drips with a drip pan.

3. Ensure that the water supply line is turned off.

To avoid water spraying all over, turn off the water supply line that goes to your ice maker. Then, manually add water with a bit of ice maker machine cleaner t and run a cycle. After a cycle, throw the ice and add water and cleaner again. Run another cycle to ensure the insides are thoroughly clean. Once done, throw away the ice again. You can now turn on the main water line.

4. Clean the ice bin and put it back afterward.

Thoroughly clean the bin using mild dishwashing soap and water. You can also wipe off excess water afterward. Place everything back before plugging in your ice maker.

5. Plug your ice maker.

Once you are satisfied with your cleaning, you can plug in your ice maker and turn it on. You’ll have fresh, clean ice in a matter of hours!

These 6 simple steps ensure that your ice maker won’t have any build-up inside that could damage the machine. But, if there are damages that need to be fixed, you should get a Viking appliance repair in Los Angeles. To know when to repair your ice maker, here are some signs you need to look out for.

  • There is a significant amount of leakage.

Ice makers should freeze water, so if there is a significant amount of leakage coming from the machine, there might be temperature problems. You should have your ice maker checked instantly to ensure that temperature sensors are not malfunctioning.

  • Your ice maker is not producing the right amount of ice indicated in the manual.

If your ice maker is having difficulty producing ice, you have to get it repaired. There might be a problem with your water line, which supplies water to be made into ice, or there could be issues with temperature controls.

  • The water line is frozen.

In some cases, ice can block the waterline and eventually freeze it. Therefore, the water line will have difficulty supplying water to the machine. You can use a blow dryer to melt the ice inside the waterline and see if the water supply will be back to normal.

  • Door sensors are not functioning properly.

A faulty door sensor could send the wrong signal. Sometimes, even when the door is closed, the door sensor won’t pick it up and will think it is open; therefore, temperatures will adjust and lead to over freezing. Ensure that you always check your door sensors, and if there are any malfunctions, don’t think twice about getting a professional  Viking appliance repair in Los Angeles.

  • Your machine keeps beeping.

If your Viking ice maker keeps beeping, it’s a warning that there are issues that need to be addressed. If you have already addressed the issue, but the beeping continues, you can reset your alarm to make it stop. You can find a reset button on the control panel and see if it will work.

Taking care of your ice maker is a must to ensure that you get the best performance all the time. Cleaning is essential to keep the parts fresh and degrade over time. So, keep in mind to deep clean your ice maker once in a while, and you won’t encounter issues with it.


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