What Causes Gas Oven Not To Ignite

May 20, 2022

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Having a gas oven provides a lot of conveniences for cooking. It also comes with advantages such as nearly instant heat, long-term cost savings, and continuing cooking even when the power is out. However, there are some instances when the oven won’t work as it should, such as it won’t ignite, which can halt your cooking.

There are instances where the issue can be due to its faulty parts, which need an immediate repair by a professional repair technician to do the Viking Oven Repair. But, some issues can be fixed by doing properViking Appliance Repair Pro maintenance for the appliance. This ensures that each part is properly cleaned and fixes possible issues. Proper maintenance also helps to prolong the lifespan of the appliance. If you need expert maintenance and repair, Viking Appliance Repair Professional in Pasadena is here to help you.

If you notice that your oven is not igniting, it can be grease buildup or food debris. One of the most common causes of the gas burner that has trouble igniting is the food debris which blocks the gas flow to the igniter. This can be fixed by removing the grate covering of the troubled burner. Reinstall the burner, cover the grill and try to reignite the burner once more.

If your gas oven still doesn’t ignite, you can do the following before calling the professional repair service.

Check the Power Supply- If the gas oven doesn’t ignite, remember that it still needs electricity to work. First, check and make sure that the appliance is properly plugged and there’s nothing that interrupts the power supply. Check its power cable if it’s in good condition or if it is connected properly or if the power is switched on.

Check the Gas Supply – If the electricity supply is available and functioning, maybe there’s no gas coming to the oven, which causes it not to ignite. If your cooker has gas hobs and a gas oven, there’s an easy way to check this by simply igniting one of its hobs. If the hobs are working, there’s something wrong inside with its gas supply. Also, check the gas isolation valve to make sure that the supply is on and check if there are kinks or obstructions in the gas line.

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Purchase a New Ignition Generator – If the gas oven is still not igniting after checking if there’s nothing wrong with the electricity and gas supplies, you will most likely need a new spark generator. Ensure that the new ignition generator is certified to ensure that it will fit in your oven and won’t cause any other issues when it is in use.

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