What Causes Your Viking Ice Maker To Operate Constantly

June 22, 2022

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An ice maker can also be convenient, especially during hot summer days. Who would like to quench your thirst with tall, ice-cold drinks? Nowadays, ice makers are also one of the best features of a refrigerator. Different appliance brands offer high-end ice makers that you can choose from, such as the Viking ice makers. But, there are times that the appliance may also have some issues that can affect how it works. It is best to be aware of the common Viking Ice maker Issues.Viking Appliance Repair Pro

A professional ice maker repair technician is professionally trained to handle ice maker issues that will be able to assist you. An expert repair technician will be able to do a thorough diagnosis using the right tools and equipment for the repair. This is to find out what causes the issue and be able to apply the right fix to it. 

Viking Appliance Repair Pro in Beverly Hills has a team of professionals trained to handle Viking appliance issues. The team always ensures quality and long-lasting solutions regardless of the issue.

Several factors can cause the appliance not to work properly. If you notice that your ice maker is constantly running, this is due to its components or parts. Another factor for the ice maker to run constantly is its feeler paddle. If the shutoff arm is still working, but the ice maker never stops making ice whenever it is turned on, the problem is with the feeler paddle. Inside every ice maker, a plastic paddle will help to discontinue the ice flow once the bin is full. If the feeler paddle is not working, it will not stop the ice production once the bin is full, and the ice will spill out into your freezer. This part of the ice maker is located underneath the actual ice maker. Sometimes, it may be frozen up or lack lubrication to function correctly. However, there is no obvious reason for it to become faulty. You can replace the paddle by loosening the bolt that holds it on and securing the replacement.

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If the water pressure is sufficient for your ice maker, the water inlet valve will likely be defective. The valve may not be able to shut off all the way or may be stuck open, which causes the water to leak. When it comes to replacing the water inlet valve can be a complex task. You will want to shut off the unit’s water and power ahead of time. Ensure that once the inlet valve is disconnected, you will need a towel or bucket underneath to catch the excess water. 

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