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Tucson is a city in Arizona with a population exceeding one-half million. It was designated as an All-America City in 2012.

Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Scottsdale are larger nearby cities with more businesses and shopping options for Residents of Tucson, but nothing compares to the spectacular scenery of Southern Arizona's Evergreen Forests, Rugged Mountains, and Deep canyons that Tucson has to offer its residents and tourists alike. The Santa Catalina Mountains stand guard over the city from nearly every direction (except directly west), providing some of the most beautiful vistas found anywhere on earth.

If you live around the area, you not only get scenic views, you also have access to many services, including repair services, so that you live a more comfortable life.

As a rule of thumb, the temperature differential between the two compartments should not exceed about 35 degrees Fahrenheit (18 C).

If it does, you need to adjust the operation. The solution involves making a simple adjustment in the door seal that separates the refrigerator compartment from the freezer compartment. Here's how:

1.) Remove all food and ice trays from both compartments (you work with very cold parts inside here and don't want anything flying out at you while you work). All shelves also must be removed.

2.) Examine the refrigerator door—look closely at each side of where it closes onto a seal found on each side of where the door latches shut. You'll probably see some folds or loose edges. Using scissors and/or a utility knife, cut those loose edges with a straight stroke to make each fold or edge as clean-cut and square as possible. If an edge is not straight, trim it to flush with the door or freezer wall.

3.) Now you are ready to "feel" your way around inside the compartment—put on thin plastic gloves (safety first!). First, reach down into the refrigerator compartment from above; you should feel no change in temperature between where your hand enters and where it exits at the bottom of the compartment--the seal must be tight all along its length. Then reach up into the freezer compartment from below; again, you should feel no difference between when your hand enters and exits. When you are sure the seal is tight all along its length, stop.

4.) If upon reaching up into the freezer compartment from below with a hand encased in plastic gloves, you feel that your hand gets warmer much faster than when it went in (and before it exits at the top of the compartment), shimmy your gloved hand back and forth while feeling for any looseness or gaps in the seal as you go until you find a spot where your hand feels cold after entering but warms up significantly upon exiting.

These are just some tips that can help you extend the lifespan of your unit. If you want to get the best repair solutions, we highly recommend our Viking Appliances Repair Service in Tucson. To check out locations we are servicing, find your zip code in the list below:

85705, 85707, 85706, 85756, 85723, 85726, 85724, 85701, 85708, 85711, 85748, 85745, 85747, 85716, 85714, 85715, 85712, 85713, 85710, 85719, 85730, 85702, 85703, 85709, 85717, 85720, 85721, 85722, 85725, 85731, 85732, 85738, 85751, 85754, 85775.

We also recommend visiting our Viking Appliance Repair in Catalina Foothills if you have any family or friends living in the area.

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