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May 11, 2022

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Viking wine cellars are a good option to ensure the proper storage of your wine collection. You can also choose between compressor or thermoelectric type, and both have their differences and features that you can benefit from.

Over time, Viking wine cellars might show some issues which need to be addressed as soon as possible. This helps prevent any issues in the stored wine as this can affect its aging process. You might encounter issues due to different factors, such as its parts not working or needing proper maintenance. But, if it needs expert help, Viking Appliance Repair Professional in Lancaster offers the best and most reliable Viking Wine Cellars Repair that you can rely on. The team of repair technicians is trained and skilled to perform any repairs for the unit by first identifying the main reason by doing a thorough diagnosis and applying the bestViking Appliance Repair Pro and most durable solution to it.

If you happen to notice that your wine cooler is not cooling, it is important to identify that is the possible cause to troubleshoot and prevent this from happening in the future. Compressor wine cellars are similar to a regular refrigerator in your kitchen, except that it uses a vapor compression cycle to remove the heat from the unit. In terms of its technology, it is similar to an AC. On the other hand, thermoelectric wine cellars use a different technology known as the Peltier effect. This involves an electric charge sent through the module that is made up of two pieces of joined metal. One side of the module collects and dissipates the heat on the unit’s exterior, and the other side, known as the cold side, is in the interior. The warm air will be extracted from the inside of the wine cellar and released outside.

Reasons for the Compressor Wine Cellar not being cool are the following:

Defective Thermostat: If this is defective, this can cause the wine cellar to become too hot or even too cold.

Condenser Fan Needs Cleaning or Replacing: If the condenser fan stops working, this will cause the compressor to overheat, and the temperature of the wine cellar will rise.

Faulty Evaporator Coil: If you notice the evaporator coil is icing, the cooling system is no longer working as it should be.

Reasons for the Thermoelectric Wine Cellar not being cool are the following:

Room temperature is Too Hot or Cold: For thermoelectric wine cellars, it will be properly if the room stays between 50 to 80 degrees F or 10 to 27 degrees C.

Not Enough Ventilation: If the wine cellar is in a room with the right temperature but still not cooling properly, this can be due to the lack of ventilation in the area.

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Faulty Fan: The fan helps extract the heat from the wine cellar, and all thermoelectric units have built-in fans located beside their heatsink. If the fan’s blades or the motor gets clogged, this can cause it not to work.

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